TURBO-FIL &-9500 is a high performance, Low VOC Fast Dry Urethane Clearcoat. This ultra fast dry, two component clearcoat should be your choice of clear for the day-to-day spot and panel repairs. The unique Low VOC formulation of the C-9500 is ideal for those small repair surfaces when speed is what you need ... fast cure and tape times. No waiting required between coats for this clearcoat ... apply wet-on-wet. C-9500 will deliver a rich, high gloss, durable, long-lasting finish with exceptional DOI everytime! It has been formulated with premium ingredients and offers you the choice of air dry or force dry applications. C-9500 can be applied over both waterbased and solvent basecoats. It will provide you with excellent application, flow, levelling, hardeness, and polishing properties. We recommend using the H-9501 Fast Dry Hardener along with the R-121 Fast Reducer when speed is what you need.

"TURBO-FIL" C-9500 Fast Dry Urethane Clearcoat Low V.O.C.

SKU: C-9500.H-9501
Hardener Speed

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