SEAL-FIL SLR-200 is a unique Low VOC, premium quality, non-sanding 2K Transparent Urethane Sealer. It has been formulated with premium ingredients to provide you with the ultimate in performance. It can be applied over cured IK and IIK primers, single stage and basecoat/clearcoat topcoat systems. SLR-200 has excellent levelling properties and creates an excellent foundation for the topcoat to be applied resulting in a superior, consistently smooth and uniform topcoat finish everytime. SLR-200 sealer viturally eliminates common problems such as mapping, stains, discoloration, sinkage, and bleed-through caused by the coats below it. This unique sealer is designed to bind the ground and topcoat. SLR-200 improves levelling resulting in a consistently smooth and uniform topcoat finish, most noticeable when using expensive metallic topcoats. Repairs blend seamlessly into the surrounding area, and less topcoat is required to achieve a superior finish. The unique formulation of the SLR-200 will reduce the amount of time required to prepare the surface for topcoating, reduce the amount of topcoat and abrasives typically required, and will even fill minor surface defects over 500 grit scuff marks!

"SEAL-FIL" Transparent Urethane Sealer

SKU: H-201

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