EPOXY-FIL EP-120 is a premium quality, chromate free, Low VOC epoxy primer. EPOXY-FIL primers have been formulated with premium ingredients and DTM (direct to metal) technology to provide you with the ultimate performance. These two component, primers are zinc oxide and zinc phosphate based and are available in gray, white and black. EP-120 primers are corrosion inhibitive primers that can be applied wet-on-wet directly to properly prepared bare metal, aluminum, cured paint, fibreglass, bodyfillers, sanded original and SMC surfac- es. These versatile primers offer a high film build, excellent anti-corrosion, sag resistance, adhesion, levelling, and sand- ing properties with excellent colour hold-out! EPOXY-FIL offer excellent adhesion and corrosion protection, resulting in a smooth and durable finish every time! EP-120, EP-120.B and EP-120.W must be activated with H-122 Catalyst and reduced with R-127 EPOXY-FIL Reducer


SKU: C-121