ENAMEL-FIL EP-6500 is Low VOC a multi-purpose, short oil alkyd Enamel paint line formulated with premium ingredients to provide you with the ultimate in performance. EP-6500 is a durable, single component paint line which has excellent adhesion properties and as such can be applied direct to metal (DTM). It also offers excellent adhesion over a variety of properly prepared plastics. EP-6500 will provide excellent flow, levelling, gloss and corrosion resistant properties. It is recommended for industrial use and can be applied to both primed and unprimed metal surfaces. EP-6500 has outstanding gloss retention and exterior durability properties. It has been designed to be used in both exterior and interior applications. This paint line may be used in air dry, downdraft or force dry applications.

"Enamel-Fil" EP-6500 - Air Dry Enamel Paint

  • We supply paint in Enamel, Polyurethane (ISO-FREE), and Urethane for the entire RAL System. Please contact amelia@durafil.ca with the Ral color, finish, and quantity. Special orders can also inquire 5 gallon pails.

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