CHROMA-FIL UP-8500 is a premium quality, Low VOC Urethane Paint line formulated to provide you with the ultimate performance that you expect from a urethane topcoat. UP-8500 is an easy to use, 420 g/L compliant urethane topcoat system. It has been designed to provide you with exceptional application, coverage, hiding, and film build properties for your day-to-day repairs. From spot repairs to completes, UP-8500 will leave behind a high quality, durable, long-lasting, high gloss finish with exceptional DOI. This system has been designed to withstand aggressive environments: UP-8500 offers excellent resistance to weathering, pollution, impact, and abrasion. It covers quickly, which means you need less material for each job. UP-8500 will increase productivity in your facility while reducing your labour and topcoat costs ... making it a very economical sytem. You have a choice of three Hardeners from fast to slow dry H-8501/H-8502/H-8503 and three speeds of dry Reducers R-121/R-122/R-123 to meet your dry speed requirements. Select the appropriate hardener and reducer to extract the optimum performance from our Low VOC UP-8500 Urethane Paint system.

"Chroma-Fil" UP-8500 - Single Stage Urethane Paint

SKU: UP-8500
Hardener Speed
  • We supply paint in Enamel, Polyurethane (ISO-FREE), and Urethane for the entire RAL System. Please contact with the Ral color, finish, and quantity. Special orders can also inquire 5 gallon pails.

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