Durafil is a Canadian based manufacturer and distributor of automotive refinishing and industrial products. Our specialty is coatings. Coatings for the automotive refinish and industrial sectors … from lightweight fillers to topcoats.

Our product line includes Low V.O.C. Compliant Putties, Lightweight Body Fillers, Paints, IIK Urethane Primers, Adhesion Promoters, Clearcoat Systems, and Specialty Additives. In addition, we also fulfill custom-tailored products and private labeling requests.

Our company is led by an experienced team of industry experts, having well over 100 years of combined expertise in the automotive coatings industry. With this knowledge and over 40 years of “hands on” experience in the automotive repair industry, we know what customers want: premium quality, easy-to-use, fast cure, durable, high performance coatings … all at competitive prices, while increasing their productivity, and reducing their labour and inventory costs… that’s what we at Durafil deliver in every can … the ultimate performance in automotive and industrial products at competitive prices.

Our entire product line was developed with the end user in mind, from application properties to labour and utility costs. We’ve considered it all, and have carefully selected each premium component in every product with this philosophy in mind.

We at Durafil aim to be your long-term supplier of choice. Our dedicated technical support team, and friendly customer service representatives strive to exceed your expectations and special requirements. We recognize that to become your long-term supplier we need to surpass your expectations in quality, performance, technical support, and customer care every time.

We take pride in knowing that our innovative team is dedicated in providing Low V.O.C. products to both the automotive and industrial refinishing sectors.

We at Durafil thrive on new opportunities and challenges in the international marketplace. We are continuously seeking distributorships to expand and reinforce our position in the market.

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